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Talk about a bunch of yo-yos. This is what some savvy investors consider a $1 million idea. One person sending a one-syllable slang word to another. How many of you think that's brilliance? How many of you would invest that kind of money in that kind of ability?

I wouldn't. It's dumb.

Granted, I've already established that I lack imagination, but examples like Yo just makes me scream: "what the hell is wrong with the world?" This kind of stupidity manifests itself just about everywhere I look. (Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places.) Why is it that so many consider this fun? Even writers from well-respected TechCrunch are excited when they find a way to "Yo" everyone at once. Sarah, are you insane? Thank goodness it's not endemic to TechCrunch and there are still some sane writers. Also, in Sarah's defense, at least she still writes about intelligent functionality like gloves that make you Beethoven. Maybe her criminal excitement around Yo hacks was what courts call "temporary insanity."

But the biggest facepalm for me was technology and investor superstar Marc Andreessen thinks it's fascinating. His tweets made me want to grab him by the shoulders, Airplane style, and shake fiercely: "get a hold of yourself!"

Don't get me wrong: I've nothing against two-letter words bringing happiness. When my daughter first learned to reference me as "Da," it was an extremely happy moment in my life. The fond memory led me to question myself: am I the one who is ignorant because I can't fathom the value or appreciate the tremendous joy these two letters bring?

Captain Kirk: Beam me up Scotty. No trace of intelligent life down here.


No matter how much I respect Marc Andreessen's intelligence and abilities, I will not be wearing a shirt next to him that says "I'm with stupid." Regardless that I'd never get an opportunity to sit next to him, if I did, my shirt instead might say: "Beam me up Scotty - I want to get off this planet because there isn't any intelligent life here." (Soon to be: "OK Google Now...")

I understand ignorance begets confidence, but this is just too much.

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert and his audience laugh at it. Your mind's in the right place Stephen, but I just can't even get a smirk out. Am I admitting too much when I tell you I actually find it a bit painful? I needn't investigate the basis of this negative emotional reaction: I know its source. I'm a hero-worshipper and detest stupidity. Dumb and Dumber is never a movie I will watch (or enjoy). Based on clips I've seen, the humor of Will Ferrell in Anchorman... isn't. I just don't think ignorance is a laughing matter.

I get it: this viewpoint won't get me invited to parties. And I know what Robin Williams would say to me. But I find it preposterous that so many entertain themselves with such dumbphone applications. It's as if millions are trying to take the most amazing technologies and destroy their very essence. People - it's called a smartphone for a reason. And take that blank stare off your face, will you?


(And that, children, is how the #1 app called "huh?" was born. As they say, it's just that simple.)

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This just reminds me of this Tim & Eric video. The only thing, that YO app is no fiction...


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