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New to Yoga? Not a problem! 

At Buddhimat Yoga, we believe that anyone who can breathe can do yoga.  And, in times like these, acknowledging our ability to breath is more important than ever before.

The online virtual yoga studio is a perfect way to start a yoga practice.  In an online class, you can avoid concerns about being a newbie in a room full of more advanced students.  You can dial it back a notch, take a break where needed, and join us when you can.  If are joining one of our yoga classes for the first time, we encourage you to send us an email before the class at info@buddhimat.yoga to let us know a little bit about you and any injuries or special considerations.

 KIds Yoga Old Irving Park Chicago

To begin your virtual yoga practice, we recommend the following:

  • Comfortable clothing: Standard workout gear for a home practice is perfect as long as you can move around 
  • Harder Surface: Wood flooring works the best; thick carpeting is far from ideal.  Feel free to take the practice outside as well!
  • Yoga "mat":  A towel or clean ground will work as well in a pinch.  Keep a blanket nearby in case you need additional padding under your knees
  • Yoga "block":  Water bottle, books or anything to make the ground a bit more accessible
  • Yoga "strap":  A hand towel does the trick 

Feel free to have kids, bored teenagers and pets join in the fun!

In a virtual practice, it is more difficult for your instructor to see you and provide individual adjustments and so we recommend moving slowly and with care.  Yoga is about listening to ourselves and our bodies.  If at any time a pose (asana) does not feel right, drop back into child pose and focus on your inhales and exhales.  During my first yoga class, the teacher told me, "as long as you are focusing on breathing, you are doing yoga."  Keeping that in mind, find a comfortable place in your house and begin your practice!

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