I notice when other women behave in inappropriate ways and with a lack of dignity. As a woman, I know why they do it: to achieve popularity or gain attention from men. The way us ladies dress reflects a great deal about who we are. I, myself, am totally guilty of wearing cleavage to show off my boobs more often than not, so I know I’m not free of sin. And yes, I think wearing too much cleavage is ordinary. I am ordinary sometimes.

I believe everyone should be allowed to wear whatever they want (or nothing at all), but I’m also entitled to have an opinion about it. So here it is: ladies, some of you are taking provocative to a pathetic extreme.

I often see women wear extra thin, light colored short yoga pants that completely expose their genitals. When you wear these, I can PERFECTLY see your camel toe, your ass crack, your pelvic bone, and your panties (if you’re wearing any; otherwise, I see the texture of your pelvic skin area and pelvic hair). It’s great you’re proud of your butt or vagina and you want to show them off. It's great to like your body! I love my vagina and boobs too! How great it would be to go out in a thin bra that reveals my cleavage, my nipples, my skin texture, and that leaves my boobs free to bounce around everywhere! Essentially, that’s what you’re doing.

Face it, extra thin short yoga pants are the equivalent of going out in your panties. They are called 'short yoga pants' because it makes them socially acceptable. In other words, it’s not socially acceptable to go out in your panties so companies call them something else and – voila! – now it’s socially acceptable. And you know it. If I were to go out in my bra or panties as you do, I would probably get a lot of male attention as well. But I don’t do it because my mom started teaching me manners at age 2, which included that it's improper to go out in one's underwear. Not a difficult lesson to understand.

It makes me wonder: are you really trying to look like a whore? Really?

I find that behavior to be disturbing and disrespectful both to yourself and to others. I also find it unpleasant, tasteless, and ordinary. And sometimes even gross. You can hate me for expressing my opinion – after all, that’s what it is – or tell me I’m close-minded. I expect some of you will even be offended. Go ahead. Now you know how I feel when you show me your vaginal lips.

I believe these women are seeking male attention in the wrong way. We, as women, don't like to be sexualized (for the most part). We love male attention, of course! I know I do. But we also want to be appreciated for more than our bodies and be considered as equals. Good luck being considered as an equal when you dress like a cheap whore.

I’m especially startled that it’s often "modern" women who are the first to be offended when they are sexualized by men. Are you really that naïve to believe you can go out exposing your genitals while avoiding being sexualized? Doubtful. You want to be objectified by men and then claim otherwise. Your surprise at men’s reactions of your exposed vagina or butt is not a mixed message. It’s fraud.

I am NOT saying that it’s OK for men to sexualize women. I am NOT saying that it’s only the faults of women when men act like copulating animals without brains. I think that men who sexualize women are pathetic. It’s HORRIBLE. Porn and lust are to blame for the loss of integrity and self-respect in these types of men. Whatever the reasons, they aren’t acceptable. However, that doesn't justify dressing as a prostitute and expecting to be treated otherwise. Either accept the consequences of your choices or don’t make those choices.

My advice to these women, for what it’s worth: if you don't want to be treated like or judged as a whore, please don't act like one. Otherwise, make a career out of it. At least then it’s honest.

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TIL what a camel toe is. (Alright, stop laughing. Why would I know this?)

Your thoughts on this subject made me think of this video: a comparison of what feminism used to stand for vs. what it stands for now. To me, sex is a value and an expression of values. To modern-day feminists, sex is a weapon. I personally love the way Ayn Rand put it (a woman who is reviled by feminists):

Sex is a physical capacity, but its exercise is determined by man's mind-by his choice of values, held consciously or subconsciously. To a rational man, sex is an expression of self-esteem - a celebration of himself and of existence. To the man who lacks self-esteem, sex is an attempt to fake it, to acquire its momentary illusion.

I don't agree with your statement "[p]orn and lust are to blame for the loss of integrity and self-respect" in men. Having integrity is about your mind (thoughts) and body (actions) being consistent no matter the circumstances. Someone with self-respect knows he can rely on the consistency of his thoughts and actions.

Just as porn (or any other art form as you, an artist, would know) can be violent, demeaning, self-debasing, ugly, destructive, and hurtful, it can also be soft, caring, insightful, reaching, fulfilling, beautiful, creative, and loving. The type of porn a man enjoys is the effect - not the cause. We don't lose integrity or self-respect by watching porn; the type of porn (or, more broadly, art) we seek and enjoy is an expression of our integrity and self-respect.

Additionally, and IMO, lust is an integrated part of human nature. Sexual desire doesn't get in the way of our integrity or self-respect. Wanting pleasure - especially sexual pleasure - is a part of what it means to be human. I don't see anything wrong with sexually lusting after another. To me, the more important consideration is your standard for sexual desire. An outline of a woman's labia majora is as valid a form of value as is the curvature of a woman's legs or the shape of her lips or the intensity of her eyes or how her clothing accentuates her body. These are objects of physical standards for which each individual will have his own standard and from which he derives his own pleasure. Just because I might lust after the beauty of a woman's curves, the desire in no way detracts or is mutually exclusive from the way I may lust after how a woman thinks about certain topics. Sure, it's a valid proposition to put forth that a woman's thoughts should take priority in our hierarchy of values. But, as you implied yourself, a woman's attire and presentation is an attempt to communicate something about how she thinks (e.g., achievement of popularity is important, I have an interest in men, I love and am proud of my body, I am a sexual being, I think physical attraction is important).

So sometimes, men looking closely at a woman's physical features aren't just about a base, physical lust. At least for some of us, a woman's attire and presentation tells us quite a bit about how she thinks. IMO, wearing a certain type of clothing doesn't make you immoral or unintellectual any more than wearing fake fangs at a costume party makes you a blood-sucking vampire. But I agree with your other point: if you put on those fake fangs and then claim anger when fellow party-goers don't treat you like a ballerina, the only one you're deceiving is yourself. And self-deception, or any other form of faking reality, is fraud and always immoral.

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And this is why /u/c_prompt can't get a date - because he takes a discussion about sex, hotpants, and women's anatomy and turns all deep and philosophical. Lighten up man!

2,000 karma offer to the first person who takes /u/c_prompt out on a date and gets him to lighten up... or to post a selfie of his abs.

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And this is one of the reasons why /u/c_prompt can't get a date - because he takes a discussion about sex, hotpants, and women's anatomy and turns all deep and philosophical.


My body is never the objection (thank you P90X) and I will NEVER post a selfie. Also, an offer of a meager $20 isn't remotely enough of an incentive. You clearly underestimate the challenge.

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So you're telling me there's a chance?

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Thank you!! If I see one more vagina outline that isn't my own I'll puke! I understand loving yourself or being proud of your body but there are parts that should def. stay covered. I feel uncomfortable when more than a half inch of my cleavage shows and I wouldn't be caught dead in yoga pants outside of the house. Today I had a friend post a pic on Facebook where she clearly wasn't wearing a bra and had hard nipples and I thought.. really? Your mom, dad, grandpa and everyone is on here, don't you care at all who is checking this pic out right now? Bleh.

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If I see one more vagina outline that isn't my own I'll puke!

And where are you seeing so many of these disturbing outlines? Curious minds want to know.

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You need to get out more often and look around! LOL. Everywhereeeee these "Yoga Shorts" are being worn!

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Someone has their panties all in a bunch smiley

So women really wear these things? Other than TV, I've never seen anyone wearing the panties... I mean yoga shorts... you describe. And believe me, I've looked wink

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Come visit Indiana...

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Indiana... where there are safe sex signs on the road depicting animals that kick.

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