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Cook County (Illinois) Sheriff Tom Dart wrote in letters to Visa and MasterCard that it is “increasingly indefensible for any corporation to continue to willfully play a central role in an industry that reaps its cash from the victimization of women and girls across the world.”

So Visa and MasterCard stopped allowing their cards to be used to purchase adult ads on classified portal backpage.com.

Big mistake. Big. Huge.

As a result, high-end escort and blogger Corrine, who describes herself as an "[i]ndependent escort, milf and chocolate aficionado," is now teaching other escorts about Bitcoin.

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Oh, the righteousness of some people to force their agenda and choices on others. How else do they expect people to pay for the $1.3 trillion student loan balance?

Previously, it was common for students to take food and service jobs, but soon, you will hear college students casually sharing their day with their sugar daddy. Welcome to the modern hooker economy.

Bitcoin - for individuals who want to retain the voluntary choice to do what they want with their own bodies. Good for you Corrine. You go girl.

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