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Image of England and Jordan, two opposite ends of the Roman Empire

Saint Andrew Chicago, Jerash, Jordan

Two places that I have traveled to (the UK and Jordan), I have seen Roman ruins. In Britain, I saw the very famous Roman Baths, which are very popular. The other one was not so popular.

In Jordan, we saw Jerash, a ruin which includes a wall for the famous emperor Hadrian, one of the emperors of Rome in its golden ages. Bath was founded by the Romans when they invaded modern-day England, and faced the Celts, which settled in the North, in modern day Ireland and Scotland. Jerash, on the other hand was a town that was made when the Romans attacked the Middle East and gained part of it. Bath is at the far North-Western end of the empire, while Jerash is at the far South-Eastern end. This shows how giant the empire was, compared to other large civilizations - the present-day United States, the victorious, giant Russia, or the British/French empires.

Bath had multiple pools, which are called baths. The pool in the middle area looks very disgusting because it is about two thousand years old! So, you should not be surprised to that they do not let you swim in the pools. It is a very nice building, and the town itself is just like any other mini-city in Europe. If it were not there, and the Romans did not invent public pools, we might not have baths or public pools. So, it is pretty cool to go there.

Jerash, on the other side of the empire, is just like any random ancient Roman town spread across Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. It could also be a town that belonged to any other empire like the Persians, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indians, Mayan, Inca, Aztec, Native American, Zulu, Boer, or Mongolians. It is still amazing, and it was my first and only ancient town to visit. It had a theater, and many other buildings that made it seem big. It was incredible to see a straight road, which the Romans also created. You could just imagine the chariots riding and the people going to the market, seeing plays, or just going around the bustling town. It can make you imagine how giant the Great Romans built their empire. It also makes you imagine how many everyday things like roads, baths, pools, gunpowder, wheels and even arches, were all invented by the great empires - Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Persians, and Sumer.

Those are my experiences with the Roman Empire, each on the two opposite ends. Have you ever visited any of the sights of the Roman Empire?

pillars, Jordan, Jerash, Roman Empire

Ruins at Jerash

Bath, UK, Roman EmpireRoman City of Bath

Hadrian's arch, Jordan, Jerash, Roman EmpireHadrian's Arch in Jordan, not to be confused with Hadrian's Wall in Britain

Minerva, Roman goddess, Bath, Roman EmpireGoddess Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom - exactly what I learn on my trips :)

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