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Ukraine is an utter disaster. A few thousand violent rebels in a country of more than 40 million have turned Kiev into a post-apocalyptic hell, where the government is incapable of restoring order, incapable of protecting its own police force from snipers whose well-armed presence in buildings is reminiscent of the Syrian rebels (also backed by the US government).

US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, who was caught on tape plotting the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Ukraine — presumably in the name of democracy? — openly demands that a new government be formed and that the Ukrainian constitution be rewritten to limit presidential power.

This while his own boss, President Obama, has declared that he intends to disregard Congress and instead rule by Executive Order.

Secretary of State John Kerry demands that security forces be removed from the city center immediately and that they cease using force against rebels who are seeking to overthrow the government. He announced sanctions against those in Ukraine who have used force — on the government side, not among the rebels who shoot and burn alive law enforcement officials.

Witnessing the hypocrisy of US officials who have militarized the police in the United States at every opportunity telling foreign governments they dare not use force against those who seek a violent overthrow of constitutional order, one must ask who is really at fault here.

Is it the US, run by “deep government” interventionist forces who retain power regardless of who the citizens elect? Is it the intolerable EU, whose leadership endlessly lectures the rest of the world about democracy despite being unelected themselves?

Or is it the Ukrainian government itself?

As Paul Craig Roberts writes in a hard-hitting column today:

The Ukrainian and Russian governments allowed this dangerous situation to develop, because they naively permitted for many years billions of US dollars to flow into their countries where the money was used to create fifth columns under the guise of educational and human rights organizations, the real purpose of which is to destabilize both countries. The consequence of the trust Ukrainians and Russians placed in the West is the prospect of civil and wider war.

It is hard to argue with PCR about this. Failing to defend sovereignty, the Ukrainian regime has opened the door to the chaos and destruction it now faces. No country — from the most liberal democracy to the most authoritarian — would willingly allow foreign powers to subvert the rule of law in attempt to change the regime.

Dr. Roberts comes to this dire conclusion, with which it is also difficult to disagree:

Unless the Russian government and people are willing to accept Washington’s hegemony over Russia, Russia cannot tolerate the coup that the West is preparing in Ukraine. As it is unlikely that Western forces would be a match for the Russian army in its own backyard, or that self-righteous, hubristic Washington could accept defeat, the conflict toward which the corrupt Western governments are driving is likely to turn nuclear.

At the centenary of the start of the Great War, the insane neocons who control US foreign policy and their vain EU hypocrite allies are jack-booting us toward a repeat. The brakes are seemingly off the train…

by 12:20 am on February 21, 2014

Thank you for posting this. It is so disheartening to see how the US government continues to cause so many problems throughout the world. I almost want to say "if only they'd mind their own damn business." But there doesn't seem to be agreement about what their business should be. Reminds me of this quote:

They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it's worked for over 200 years, and well, we're not using it anymore.

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Thank you for posting this.

You're welcome. You know, if there was a thanks karma in this community, it would save you the trouble of writing thanks. Oh, and I would have earned a penny. (nudge) wink

(You really might want to consider making thanks available to all communities. Perhaps instead of wit? It probably would be used much more.)

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Good suggestion. Implemented. (And it even helped me find a bug.)

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Did you have interests with the previous government of Ukraine?

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I wouldn't use the word "interest," other than when researching for The Cost to Connect - Internet Prices Around the World (Ukraine ranked #42). Like a few others on this site, I am always distraught when the US government sticks its nose into places it doesn't belong. My wishes of peace and prosperity for the people who live in Ukraine aren't different than any other country. I'm unaware of any time since WWII where the US government actually improved conditions for a country. I'd be hard-pressed to come up with even one example where US interventionism/imperialism has been an improvement for humanity.

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Putin just as you are accusing the United States and made genocide in Ukraine. Ride in Russia, Putin will present to you personally Russian passport for your article :)

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You won't get any argument from me about the terrible things Putin has done. But Putin's atrocities do not make the US government's actions right. The US government should not be involved in any capacity in Ukraine. They are just troublemakers.

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The US should not help Ukraine to deter aggression Russia?   Ukraine should abandon the US aid and allow Russia to do whatever he wants?   Maybe bring back the previous government?   Do you have suggestions for solving the Ukrainian crisis?

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The US should not help Ukraine to deter aggression Russia?

An emphatic no. American is not, and should not be, the world's policeman.

(And, in case you are unaware where the "US aid" came from, the money was stolen from American children whose futures are now riddled with enormous government debt. See also here, here, and here. Let's also not forget that not a single needy Ukrainian will be getting a hryvnia of that "aid" - it's all going to the international banks holding Ukrainian government debt.)

As Justin Raimondo put succinctly, the chief industry of the US is war. It behooves the people of the world to learn this important fact before asking for and accepting "help."

My suggestion is to let the Ukrainians handle their own affairs. It is without doubt: the US government (with NATO) is trying to start a war with Russia and is using Ukraine as one of many tactics to start it. Ukraine is a pawn and will be sacrificed. The US is not in Ukraine to help deter Russian aggression - it is there to instigate it and throw gas on the fire. Putin, for all his faults, hasn't yet taken the bait. When he does, Ukraine will be devastated and destroyed in toto.

If the people of Ukraine fall for the ruse, their country's fate will be the same as the countless others who suffer from US "help" and "aid." Iraq Deaths EstimatorShould you need a few recent examples, Google "US involvement in..." Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Africa, Yeman, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Ukrainians are suffering, which is one reason they are seeking and accepting "help." My heart goes out to them. But they are being set up and won't live to regret it. If you don't believe that, ask these ~1.5 million people in Iraq. Oh, wait - you can't. They're dead.

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I was not interested in the opinion Justin Raymond is corrupt, deceitful journalist. I discovered this after reading his vile opinions about what is happening in Ukraine, where, instead of to write the truth that Russia invaded Ukraine, Justin wrote that the Russian army is not in Ukraine and cynically mocks the Ukrainian government and the seizure of Slavonic (where discovered mass graves of people who disagree with Russia , they were shot). Justin never wrote that Russia is not beneficial to the US helps Ukraine, Justin wrote that the US should not help Ukraine because it is a duty, children, and other countries where the solid troubles on the actions of the United States.

Justin did not name the Russian terrorist killed 60,000 civilians in Chechnya, Chechen terrorist named Justin who fought for his people and this helps Ukraine teroristov war with Russia, for this reason, Justin says no need to give Ukraine a weapon, these weapons by terrorists in Chechnya will destroy Europe.

Justin does not say that Putin has not ordered Nemtsov, Justin said that Nemtsov killed others ....

Justin collects a variety of information distorts the information on his own and says that everyone lies, and he writes the truth, Justin! what you write is, to a greater extent, your personal, erroneous opinion, and the opinion can not be true, tembolee from a man who makes money on the enemies of the US. I just wanted to see the leash if the server Ukrainians, or Russian, do not need to convince me of views is not honest people.

http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2014/03/13/let-crimea-go/ http://russia-insider.com/ru/2015/03/02/3979 http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2015/03/05/isis-in-ukraine/

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Ukrainians are suffering, which is one reason they are seeking and accepting "help." My heart goes out to them

Relevant: Ukraine: The War Must Go On? and U.S. Hasn’t Helped Kiev’s “Endless Dysfunction”

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I am interested in your opinion: do you think it would be the best solution for East and West Ukraine to split into separate countries? I've never been anywhere near Ukraine and don't understand any of its history or politics. Also, I don't trust anything I read about Ukraine in the Western mainstream media as most all of it is US hegemonic propaganda.

I don't expect there is a simple solution or, as the English idiom goes, a "silver bullet." But what do you think the solution is? If you were in charge, what would you do?

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