Image of Why can’t I make moderators the same level as me? We’re all equal in my eyes.

With deference to Orwell, but some are more equal than others.

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, you know that disagreements occur. Heck, you should know that if you’re more than 6 months old.  The best of friends, the best of marriages, the best of governments... don’t always get along. And, candidly, we’re too busy fixing bugs to serve as arbitrators. So we built in a feature (which you might consider otherwise) that always leaves a single person with final say. Ergo, whenever you add a new moderator, you will have seniority. However, you may assign the new moderator all the same privileges as yourself.

That means, in some sense, “level” is really only a number. Ergo, although we disagree with O’Brien’s premise to Winston that, sometimes, 2 2 = 5, 1 can effectively be equal to 2.

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