Ever wanted to get notified about an upcoming event or get timely news about something happening near you? This site does exactly that. You type in what you want to be kept up-to-date about, and the site mails you when it is happening.


  • Star Wars opens in Toronto theaters
  • Your favorite band plans a concert near you
  • Conference tickets go on sale
  • A new Italian restaurant opens in your city
  • Google stock price falls below $500 on NYSE
  • A Canadian company offers free iPad deal
  • New blog post by Somebody Famous
  • My blog mentioned by influential person

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Interesting idea. I doubt I'd pay $0.99/notification/month for the service, but the answer on their FAQ to "What happens I stop using the service before my balance reaches $10?" (sic) was good: "You simply never have to pay anything!"

Google has a similar service (for free) called Google Alerts which sends you an email anytime Google finds new results on a topic you’re subscribed to.

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Nice! I think I could use it for a few things. Thanks!

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