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Transaction costs are currently set as follows, but may change. (Yes, of course, if they change, we’ll update them here.) Also, sponsor accounts have the capability to change the prices of post and comment submissions. (Sponsor accounts can get a percentage of post and comment submissions if they decide to charge differently.) If the price is different for a specific community from what is listed below, we will indicate it as such on the submission page.

1 karma = USD $0.01 ("it's only a penny")


  • Submit link: 2 karma
  • Submit editorial: 2 karma
  • Delete post: 1 karma
  • Edit posts: 1 karma
  • Flag posts: 1 karma


  • Submit comment: 1 karma
  • Edit comment: 1 karma
  • Delete comment: 1 karma
  • Flag comment: 1 karma


  • Upvote: 1 karma (goes to author)
  • Upvote your own post or comment (self-promotion): 1 karma
  • Downvote: 2 karma (removes 1 karma from author)
  • Reverse upvote: -1 karma
  • Reverse downvote: - 2 karma


  • Start community: 1,000 karma
  • Renew community (annually): 6,500 karma
  • Edit community: 1 karma
  • Join community: 1 karma
  • Add/Edit moderators: 1 karma
  • Remove/Restore posts and/or comments in modqueue: 1 karma
  • Add/Edit permissions: 1 karma
  • Send modmail message: 1 karma
  • Add/Edit karma types: 1 karma
  • Add/Deactivate honor: 1 karma
  • Adjust front page (sponsor accounts only): 1 karma
  • Transfer community: 1,000 karma


  • Send message: 1 karma
  • Block bulk messages: 1 karma
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe to/from community: 1 karma
  • Select flair: 1 karma
  • Register for honor: 1 karma
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