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Image of Batteriser is a $2.50 gadget that extends alkaline battery life 800%. Someone thought it was hot enough to go to jail for.

Count the number of alkaline batteries in your house. Now consider replacing those batteries eight times less often. If Batteriser delivers, it could be a game changer.

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Bob Roohparvar tells a killer story of industrial espionage. The robbery occurred at his Batteroo office space in a sprawling Silicon Valley office park. The target was intellectual property surrounding Batteriser, a simple metal sleeve that promises to give consumers up to eight times more life from their disposable batteries, AAA through D.

The crooks clearly knew the building layout, and exactly what they were looking for—namely, a breakthrough technology that could blow the lid off an alkaline battery industry that’s worth $3.4 billion annually in the US alone.

“It was a very, very professional job,” says Roohparvar. “They passed by all the offices with open doors, and then banged the hell out of my door, breaking it in. The doorknob was slammed so hard into the wall, it got stuck in the plaster. They took my hard disk and a bunch of USB drives. They took our Batteriser samples. They knew exactly how much time they had before the police would respond.”

Batteriser is essentially a voltage booster that looks like a metal sleeve and sucks every last drop of useable energy from ostensibly spent batteries. Most batteries only use 20% of their potential energy, but Batteriser lets you tap all of it. No charge time required. You just slip it on, and it's completely reusable. Incredible.

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Not being an electrical engineer, it's difficult to evaluate the accuracy of the claim. The comments in this article suggest the author was hoodwinked. If this works, it's very cool technology. Most of the commenters seem to think otherwise.

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