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Chris Anderson, who runs TED Talks, calls Musk “the world’s most remarkable living entrepreneur.” Others know him as “the real life Iron Man,” and not for no reason—Jon Favreau actually sent Robert Downey, Jr. to spend time with Musk in the SpaceX factory prior to filming the first Iron Man movie so he could model his character off of Musk.

If you are able to watch videos like one that describes the Hyperloop ("Imagine a capsule with 28 people that's hovering inside a tube at really high speeds of 760 miles per hour... It's completely solar-powered, it's cheaper to be built, it's earthquake-stable...") without being in complete awe of the potential of the human spirit, you're a soulless, dead creature.

If I had his email address, I'd send him my open letter to Bryan Johnson that philosophy - not technology - is the core operating system to improve if you want to change the world because Musk seems bored. I think he needs another project.

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