Image of Looks like there's a new libertarian "country" to be started!

Self-proclaimed libertarian micro-state whose founder admires Nigel Farage welcomes its first citizens on Friday, with the first 100 arrivals to be granted honorary citizenship

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When I first got wind of this a few weeks ago, I immediately went to the website to check out citizenship requirements. It was basically a shell, with lots of "coming soon" text. Last week, Yaron Brook from the Ayn Rand Institute met with Vit Jedlicka. (Hard-core Objectivists typically dislike and don't get along with libertarians, so the meeting is curious.) It brought a huge smile to my face when I later saw how many had applied for citizenship. To be able to live in an area with others who really value and respect freedom... (heavy sigh) Well, one can dream.

I think projects like the Free State Project and The Seasteading Institute have more chance for success for peaceful co-existence because of funding, location, and the talented people working on them. But, in the end, I don't have hope for any of these projects. Living in peaceful co-existence isn't held back by lack of a patch of land (or sea) that some government tyrants haven't yet claimed. It's held back by a lack of good philosophy. Poor philosophy is the problem - not space.

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I agree. How sad.

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