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A pair of 'gender specific' posters for little girls and boys has made Belinda Parmar's blood boil. While her son is told to 'build a fort and 'climb trees', her daughter is told 'she's a princess' and to 'sing silly songs'

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My daughter doesn’t need to hear, “you’re so pretty.” She doesn’t need to hear “you’re so” anything. Tell her how well she did, how fast she’s learning, how much she helped. Tell her how great it is that she fell over and then got back up again. Tell your own daughter, and your nieces and cousins and grandchildren. Let them know just how much they can achieve. Don’t define girls by their looks; show them what they can do.

Putting aside for a moment that there's nothing wrong with acknowledging aesthetic values (looking pretty isn't easy or natural for everyone), I fully agree with this.

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