Image of Windows patch KB 3139929: When a security update is not a security update. Microsoft buried a Get Windows 10 ad generator inside this month's Internet Explorer security patch for Windows 7 and 8.1.

If Microsoft's documentation is correct, installing Patch Tuesday's KB 3139929 security update for Internet Explorer also installs a new Windows 10 ad-generating routine called KB 3146449.

Many people -- present company included -- feel that putting an ad generator inside a security patch crosses way over the line. In fact, you have to ask yourself if there are any lines any more.

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If the documentation can be verified, Microsoft's intrusive Get Windows 10 behavior has reached new lows.

I don't agree - Microsoft's intrusiveness and snooping in the first place (which has been going on for many years), in addition to them being in bed with the government's spying efforts, is much, much lower in the abyss. Sadly, IMO, there aren't good enough competing solutions yet for me to go open source. I can't wait until the day I can move out of the MS privacy-destructive world.

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