Image of [PROJECT] New Logo Concept for valME

Hello valME funs! Don't you think it's time to change valME logo? I've think it's the right time to do this.

If you like to concept logo press like  it to support it. We can't see the rainbow without raining. :)

If no please comment below help to improve it. Thanks for all valME funs.  

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I came up with some other logo and website designs based on what /u/operadevil did above. What do you think?

#1. ValME logo suggestion:

#2. ValME symbol suggestion (to pick among the 3):

#3. ValME front page design suggestions:

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Some terrific work here! Thank you!

I really like the valME.io design and I also like #2 and #3 of the symbols. I'm not sure why but #3 reminds me a bit of an elephant, which might be reason to go with #2 :)

Mixed feelings on the colors and the front page design. Can you tell me please the .css colors you used (all shades of green)? I want to try a few of them in the development environment.

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As an aside, thought you might find this article useful: How to Switch from Graphic to UI/UX Design. A few important points from it:

These days, UI/UX designers are in a great demand, and numerous graphic designers increasingly switch from graphic to UI/UX design. Transitioning between these fields, however, isn’t a piece of cake, as they are fundamentally different on almost all levels.

Unlike graphic design, UI/UX design has nothing to do with art or offbeat visual ideas. It’s pure science, and graphic designers must understand that designing UI/UX is all about helping users to accomplish tasks and interact with the product in the most convenient way.


Act like a product manager, not an artist

Being a UI/UX designer, you must embrace product thinking. It’s basically where design overlaps with product management, as no one can design an intuitive user interface for a product that they don’t have a clue about.

User reseach and testing is a big part of UI/UX design [sic], and intuition as well as all kinds of biases should never get in the way of the design process. That means you’ll have to conduct interviews, diary studies, contextual inquiries, usability testing as well as define personas and user flows to validate your design and ensure it’s intuitive to your users.

It’s a scientific approach, and you should understand that in UI/UX design the definition of beautiful is what makes users feel good while navigating through your interfaces rather than what is just nice on the eyes.


Think of design as a guidebook

Unlike graphic designers who are concerned with how the design looks, UI/UX designers care only about how it works, and feels. They are responsible for designing each screen or page and ensuring that a UI is concise and clear to the user.

If you are stepping into UI/UX design, one of your main focuses will be clear visual hierarchy. In other words, the size, color, and placement of each element should create a logical path that influences the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees.

That is being said, your primary goal as a UI/UX designer is to ensure your design guides your users through your product and clearly leads them towards whatever they are looking for. Eveything [sic] else plays a second fiddle.


Like programming, UI/UX design has guidelines, such as Google’s Material Design for Android or Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines. And following those is critical to ensure your design doesn’t cause any cognitive dissonance.

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Ok. I'm no graphic artist, but I can put together some logo ideas when needed. I agree with all of the previous posters especially the visual goals that /u/c_prompt described. So I threw together several different ideas, and these are all customizable - they can be different colors (but kept the same icon shape), and I can also add the slogan "Put value in. Get value out." as well. I'm open for suggestions, comments, insults (polite ones, please) and exclamations of brilliance are acceptable too. Just please, no pitchforks. laugh

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OMG! These are incredible! Now that's what I'm talking about!

But now I have a REAL problem: there are more than a few that I really like. From an image perspective (I'm not worried about the font type just yet), these are my favorites:

Another consideration: valME.io pays out in Bitcoin so we might want to incorporate the Bitcoin symbol. (Having said that, I also really like using the various currency symbols like on the tree and the brain.)

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I'm very curious: as this article you wrote on killer viruses indicates you're a molecular microbiologist, but you say your not a graphic artist, how/where did you develop these amazing skills?

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You're right, I'm a molecular microbiologist and not a graphic artist.  However, there are several programs available on the Internet to make free logo samples. It's fun to play around with them and experiment with the different designs and possibilities. The website that I got these logo ideas from is called DesignMantic.com. http://www.designmantic.com. They have an easy A-B-C step process, which is incredibly helpful. The process is described here: http://www.designmantic.com/how-it-works.

Then, once you're completely satisfied with the logo that you've created on their website (which also includes your own custom additions if you like), you can choose to pay them a fee for the files. The design will be available in PDF, JPEG and PNG file formats for download. OR, you can try making the design yourself using any drawing program, etc. for free (e.g. use the free logo maker for getting ideas instead of actual product). I've used this company before to create a logo for a volunteer project I was involved with years ago, and it was super easy using the files they give you to enlarge them, or use them however you want. With the fee starting at $37 (I think it goes upwards from there for any additional custom work), it's really not that expensive to obtain an unique, creative logo that fits your business needs. For my volunteer project, I only got the $37 base logo product and it worked perfectly.

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So I've noodled on this for some time and I think my two favorites at this point are the money plant and money tree.

Some feedback I received from a PM:

i like the plant in the money bag, has a good "invest into something that will be big" vibe, the direction is upward, 

Random idea -  Watering can watering a green money tree with cent shaped drops? Or watering a money tree with coin shaped drops. Kind of small investments adding big value...

I really like the idea of a watering can (maybe sprinkling bitcoin?) on either the tree or plant. I just don't want to overcomplicate this. Additionally, the logo has to look clear and good when small. This leads me to think that maybe there should be two logos - one a less complex version of the full-blown one (e.g., the full-blown as a watering can dropping bitcoins on the plant or tree but the less complex version of just the plant or tree without the watering can). I just don't know if it's a good idea to have two logos.

I'd really love to get some more opinions - would you be willing to show your logo ideas to some of your friends and ask them what they prefer? Or perhaps share your logo ideas on a social networking platform and ask for feedback?

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i love operadevil's logo.  he wins by a landslide!

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Simplicity is good.

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Then protocol suggests you upvote it :)

(To upvote, click the show link between the arrows and you'll see the choices for this community. After you upvote, check out your Wallet Register to see the details. Mods can customize them to whatever they want. To see the defaults for your community, click on the Moderate dropdown in the navigation bar and start typing karma.)

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Forgot to mention - based on this great suggestion by /u/Clarisse88, I implemented user tagging similar to reddit's. So when you refer to a user, put a /u/ in front and they will get a PM (and also an email if they chose that in their settings).

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Thank you for your feedback. I would love to hear more about why you prefer that logo. Is it  the colors, the composition? What is it that makes his logo better?

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OK, OK. Yes, I know the logo stinks, and you're not the first to suggest it :) (glances at /u/Clarisse88) I REALLY like what you did with the comment icon around the .io. That's brilliant.

Not being a graphic design expert, I wanted the logo to incorporate a few different ideas:

  1. One of the taglines for valME, and one of the reasons it's valME.io instead of valME.com (other than valME.com being taken) is "Put value in. Get value out." The down arrow and up arrow in the "M" was supposed to help symbolize that.
  2. valME is short for "value for me," with an emphasis on the me. Philosophically, we'd love to see more people acknowledge value with real/tangible values (e.g., money). When you upvote something, you're giving someone money (albeit small amounts) for the value you received. So I wanted the logo to communicate that idea, but was always unhappy that I couldn't visually accomplish it. The best I could do was trying to get the v and/or m into the logo. Combining the v and m was difficult, but the middle of a capital M looks like a v, which is why the M is the image.
  3. The color was chosen as green because it's often thought as the color of (some) money.
  4. The .io diagonally in the M was to remind people not to go to valme.com.

So that's a bit of the history of the current logo. Candidly, I'm not sure what makes a logo "good" in that I don't know exactly what standards to apply. In my untrained mind:

  1. It should be recognizable and distinguishable, especially when standing on its own (e.g., it's the default image for users who don't choose a image for themselves).
  2. It should communicate ideas important about the company.
  3. It should be simplistic yet "timeless" so it doesn't turn people off.
  4. It should be able to look clear and "clean" even when small (we are dealing with mobile devices after all).

I really like what you did here and, as I said, especially the comment icon because it communicates a key part of what valME is about. If this was the logo, what would be used for the default user images? Do you have other ideas for incorporating some of the other goals we're trying to accomplish?

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I like it better than the one you currently have. It's much cleaner.... so if I had to pick, I would absolutely replace the current logo for that new one.

Now, what I don't like....I don't like the shadow of green you picked. It's too dark and it looks too heavy on a logo. Another thing is that the ".io" part now has too much emphasis, and unless that's what you wanted to do (i.e. for people to remember that it is ".io" and not ".com"), I think you shouldn't put that much emphasis on that part. Also, I think the website should be based on just two main colors, whether it is: blue and white, OR green and white... but green blue white doesn't look good.  Hope it helps.

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So what if /u/operadevil put the comment icon around the ME instead of the .io?

Actually, I kind of like the green /u/operadevil chose, and I definitely like it better than the green in the current logo. But I don't know how it would look against the blue background. That brings up another important point: the logo has to look good both on a dark (e.g., blue) background as well as a white one. There are times when the logo will be placed on each. (Or the logo could have different colors depending on background.)

I'm not against getting rid of the blue color at the top for the header, but the benefit of using the blue is it separates the header/navigation bar from the rest of the page. I think being able to differentiate the header bar (and the associated dropdowns on it) is important from a usability perspective. Then again, I'm far from a usability/user experience expert.

Also, I can't replace the current logo unless I have something small/compact to use as a stand-alone image (whether it has the valME name in it or not). For example, I couldn't use the logo as-is to replace the default user images because it would be too big (or look odd/be difficult to see when I miniaturized it). Similarly, I need something to replace the favicon (the little image in the browser tab).

This is one of the difficulties with having limited funds - there are so many things on which it would be useful to do user testing. And, speaking of limited funds, now I'll have to buy all new business cards! :)

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I agree that you need a logo icon.... but if you intend to keep that dark green on the logo, you need to get rid of that blue. I would suggest you make a version of the logo in white in order for it to be placed on the top bar (which, would now be green instead of blue), ..... and then keep a version of the logo in green to be placed against a white background. Makes sense?

Blue and green don't really go together, especially if they both are darker tones of such.

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I wear blue shorts with a green shirt all the time. Are you saying this is why I'm having problems finding dates?

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haha probably... ;)

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Also, I noticed there are two [PROJECT] references in the title of your post. Did you add the second one or did it add it after you did something? If it added it, that's probably a bug I'd like to fix, as there should be only one [PROJECT] in the title when you select the post as a project.

Edit: Never mind. I determined the problem and fixed the bug as well as the title.

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