I think it would be useful if valME would have the option of tagging people in a comment, just like FB does. For instance, if I am writing a comment and I mention a person in it (by writing down their name in such comment), that user would get an email or a notification saying that someone tagged them in a comment. That way, that person wouldn't miss my comment about them, versus having to go through all the other comments to find out someone mentioned them in one. 

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Thank you /u/Clarisse88 for this suggestion and, if all went well, you have just received a message indicating you were tagged. :)

Here's the way it works:

  1. In either a new post or comment, when you enter /u/ and then the user's name (exactly as they chose it), users will get a notification in their inbox. For example, /u/c_prompt will now get a message I was tagged. Users tagged as part of editing a post or comment will not be notified.
  2. The user tags will automatically turn into clickable links to the user's profile.
  3. Your inbox will now show the first 200 characters of your message, making it easier to see what the tag/mention says about you.
  4. Your Settings page now includes a new option: "User tags/mentions notification by email." This allows you to turn off getting emails sent to you whenever you are tagged, but still retains the separate setting "Message notification by email (excluding user tags/mentions)" for comments and other messages.

While I was in the code, I also added another option on the Settings page: "Automatically subscribe to all comments." Selecting Yes for this option will now automatically check the "Subscribe to comments" box whenever you add a comment to a post. This should make it easier to keep track of your comment conversations. However, as before, if you ever want to unsubscribe to a comment thread, simply uncheck the "Subscribe to comments" box and Submit a blank comment.

Please let me know if this works for you.

Edit: It works!

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wow! Thank you /u/c_prompt! It works great! - and thanks for making it automatic to subscribe to comments, I like that too :) 

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Interesting idea. I think we could probably implement something like that. It probably wouldn't work exactly as it does in Facebook but let's see what we can do. Thanks for the suggestion.

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