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Someone was wondering about valME's voting buttons... Through our moderation features, you not only can select up to five karma types, but you even get to specify the names. From your Moderate dropdown, choose /my/community/mod/karma and you'll see this:

Moderate - Edit Karma

You can also change the upvote/downvote images from your Moderate dropdown by choosing /my/community/mod/edit.

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We’re not entirely sure it’s appropriate to call this the Frequently Asked Questions area as, candidly, we don’t keep track of how often these questions get asked. Consider this community as a place where we post answers to what we anticipate your questions will be. But, if our crystal ball is malfunctioning, feel free to post your question in /GettingStarted/Help. If we turn your question into an FAQ, we’ll credit you back the karma to post it. It’s the least we can do. We also welcome suggestions at /GettingStarted/SuggestionBox.

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