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We don’t mean to be rude, but what are you even doing on this site if you don’t know the definition of project?

Oh, sorry. You’re trying to understand what the project checkbox is for when submitting a new post. We’ve provided functionality allowing you to submit a “project” post, which gives you two capabilities: an additional karma type called “commit” and a way to send messages to everyone who commits.

For example, let’s say you’re really upset about the NSA destroying people’s civil liberties, and you want to organize a protest march in front of their offices. (Although finding their offices may be problematic, considering how secretive they are. But we digress...) You can submit a post titled “Stare down the NSA! Come join our protest against these fiends!” Checking the project box will put [PROJECT] in the title. Additionally, when members vote, they will see the karma type commit. By upvoting commit, they are indicating their plans to participate in the cause. The post author can then click on a link within the post to message all members who committed to the project. This allows the author to communicate directly with only participating members.

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