Image of Free photo mug! If you go to Shutterfly.com and order a mug with the promo code "FAMILYTOUR" at checkout, the price and shipping should drop to $0.00

Just got mine :)

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I actually tried the code, and it wouldn't allow me to use it anymore. The error message said:  "Sorry, this special offer code FAMILYTOUR is not valid."

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Good to know. Sometimes these freebies can immediately spread so quickly and become so popular that the company pulls the promotion due to overwhelming response. I just added a reminder to "act fast" to the community's description.

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Always ACT FAST! Freebies rarely last long!

Submit direct links to real, legitimate, physical freebies (things that normally cost money but are being offered 100% for absolutely free, no money or purchase or shipping or anything). Please do not submit non-physical freebies. Post those in /c/frugal/efreebies.

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