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I’d enter college as a biology major with the ambition of becoming a doctor. But ‘being a doctor’ in my head went something like this: I‘d graduate med school, hire a bunch of other doctors and build what I envisioned to be a large, elaborate hospitable system. We’d create a ton of jobs, help a lot of people and make a lot of money doing it. That’s the short of it. About 6 months into my freshman year I learned of the word ‘entrepreneurship’ and everything changed.

Here I’d have one of the biggest revelations of my life to date: I had no interest in being a doctor. I wanted to build businesses. I was born to build businesses. Of course, building a successful, meaningful business is another story entirely. I’m working on that. 

I’d complete college with a Degree in Marketing, a minor in Computer Science and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. I’d start 3 different companies while in college, all utter financial failures but epic successes on every other level. The latest company of the three, Wordio, would take a toll on me. I’d experience the challenges of building a team, relying on investors’ money to survive, firing friends and divorcing a cofounder. I’d wholeheartedly question whether I was born to build businesses or if I was mistaken. But I knew I’d fail again in the future when even more was at stake. I knew I could make the world a better place. I wanted to create. I wanted to build the future. Once you find your purpose, failing 10 more times doesn’t seem to bother you. If that’s what it takes to succeed, then on with the show.

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