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And here is some weird, interesting, ugly and wonderful Tokyo fashion... Of course, I love it. Enjoy! These people are creative :) 

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Blech. You call this art?

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No, I just couldn't find any other community? There wasn't a fashion community.   I didn't mean to do this on purpose, but I guess that's what people do when they can't categorize something lol.... how terrible! seriously...

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My father used to joke with me when I was a kid and had a bad idea: "the next time you have another idea like that... keep it to yourself." I heard that a lot in my childhood.

On valME, that translates to: "the next time you have another post like that... post it in your own community." :P

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If there was a button for  "insulting" for me posting that on art, I would have earned quite a few votes on this article lol...  

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