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Image of Traveling with style in airport lounges
Turkish Airline Istanbul Airport Lounge Prior to Airport Terrorist Attack
Me at Istanbul Airport Right Before Attacks

When I have been in my travels, I have loved flights. I judge the flight on its food, movies, and airport lounges. Lounges are places to rest before your flight (if you have status). They can be fancy, and it would probably be very special to go. When we got a Star Alliance lounge pass for our upcoming trips for a year I went to a lot of lounges.

My top three lounges include:

Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul, Turkey

Lufthansa lounge in Dubai

One of the United lounges in Chicago, USA

I went to my third place, the United lounge when I was going to a French language sleep away camp in Minnesota. The main reason I liked it was because it had very good chili soup, and pretty good food. I also had soda there. It was pretty nice there too.

The Lufthansa lounge in Dubai, UAE was my second choice. I was coming home from Jordan. It had decent food and good soda. It was very crowded, though.

But, my favorite place is the massive Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul, Turkey, when I was going to Nepal. The lounge was incredible, even though what happened hours after we were there, the airport terror attacks. The lounge was amazing and humongous. The food was very good and very Turkish. There were activities, like slot cars and video games. There were even live birds on the roof of the main room (there are that many rooms!) It looks amazing to see. There were great desserts, but when we did the slot cars they did not work, but I still had a lot of fun. It definitely thinks that it is the first place on my list.

These are my three airport lounges. Do you like them?  What lounges have you been to that you would recommend?

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