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Image of 11 year old's bucket list

Havana, Cuba,
A picture of Havana. (notice the 50s cars?:)

I might have been to a lot of places, but I want to go to a lot too. My places on my bucket list are:

  • in fourth, Vietnam,
  • in third, Germany
  • in second, Russia,
  • and...in first=Cuba.

It would be amazing to go to my fourth place, Vietnam, because of all the Vietnam War history, and the history of being part of French Indochina, just to get invaded by the Japanese, and become communist.

In my third place is Germany, which has so much history and monuments to see. For example, the World War 1 and 2 sites, Cold War places (like Checkpoint Charlie and what is still around of the Berlin Wall), great Bavaria, the Brandenburg Gate, and places like Hamburg and Munich.

In second is amazing Russia. I would love to see the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg (Leningrad). I would love to see the history of the Mongols in invading, the Tsars taking power with the royalty, the Revolution, World War 1, Lenin, World War 2, Stalin, Operation Barbarossa/Case Blue, as well as the history of the Cold War to now . I would also love to see monuments like the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral. I might not want to see very cold, but peaceful Siberia.

My first place on the list is Cuba. Cuba has so much history of being a Communist nation, and being ruled by Fidel Castro, until his death in 2016. It would be incredible to see the fifties cars and the city of Havana. It would be awesome to go to, but we have to have an educational reason to go there because of American-Cuban relations.

I hoped you liked learning about my top 4 places to visit, and maybe this made you to want to go to them as well!!


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Sounds awesome Andrew!  I think you should put a Pug Henry tour on your bucket list.  Retrace all of Pug's travels...that would be awesome!

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