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I think the ignorance that surrounds sex is absolutely astounding.  People tend to think that the way we think about and view sex here in our culture and time is the way it’s always been and the way it has to be.  That’s just silly...

Morality does not come from an imaginary sky-friend.  Morality is about helping people live the best kinds of life open to them and this involves understanding human nature and the facts surrounding it.  Unless someone understands the physiology of sex, the psychology of sex, the history of sex, and even the philosophical implications of sex, then they shouldn’t be trying to construct a system of sexual ethics.  Yet, this is precisely what is going on.  These…”experts” can’t even understand their own urges and bodies and yet, try to tell us how to live our lives.  They can’t understand that sex has changed throughout the ages and think it has always been the same.  Their ignorance leads them to have a particularly pernicious kind of myopia where they can’t see that their simple-minded views are not necessarily true.

The point I’m trying to get at is that ignorance, not knowing things, leads you to not see the broader picture as you often cannot see what you don’t understand.  In sex, this is particularly problematic as people try to reason from the way things are right now to human nature and try to posit immutable laws on little to no evidence.  This is just completely intolerable.

So, ward yourself against the myopia from ignorance by trying to learn as much as you can and challenging your beliefs and making sure you understand the reasons why you believe things.  Especially with regards to sex.  Just because things are a certain way in our culture right now does not mean they have always been this way or that this is the best way to live.  You need to look at sex throughout time and different places and then decide what works best in your life.

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