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Of all the chemical reactions we've covered within the past few months, the one filmed below probaby takes the prize for coolest looking and possibly scariest. After the pile of reactants is lit, it begins to look like tentacles are crawling out of a portal to Hell.

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The advertising popups/annotations on the video in that link are really annoying because their overlap makes them difficult to turn off. :(

We played with a variant as kids. They're called snakes and sold in fireworks stores:

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Do you have ad-blocker? I have it and I didn't see any ads...

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I do - I use Adblock Plus but it didn't remove the YouTube annotations (which is what blocked the screen). If you look at the comments on YouTube for the video, you'll see I'm not the only one frustrated with the annotations.

That you didn't see the annotations led me to do some research, which brought me to this thread. I just added the following as a Adblock Plus custom filter:


All annoying annotations are now gone :)

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Now that's what I'm talking about! Thank you!

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