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George Clooney, Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne have all taken the plunge recently - but they are a diminishing band of brothers, writes PETER LLOYD.

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I think it's terrible that so many women are taking their spouse's money and their families away from them when they divorce. It just seems common sense that that is the wrong thing to do. Don't these people see that? Maybe they do, and they just don't care. 

But, I also think we must not generalize about women because we all aren't the same way. Before my husband and I married, I offered him a pre-marital agreement saying I wouldn't be taking money from him neither I would be taking his kids away. He didn't ask me to do it. I was the one bringing it up and offering that to him. Candidly, we didn't find a way to make this agreement legal, but I know one thing, and that is that I won't be taking my husband's money if we divorce, and I also know I won't be taking his family away from him. If we ever divorce, I would ask him to give me a time frame to find a job and move out, but I would not steal his money. 

With that said, in the article it says that married couples have sex less often, and assumes that it's women's fault. That is not necessarily true - women enjoy sex probably as much as men do, and assuming a lack of sex is women's fault is dumb. It could also be the other way around  - that after marrying, the male party wouldn't be so interested in sex with their wives anymore. I know women who have been in that situation and have been sexually frustrated at their husband. A lot of times it's the husbands who cheat on their wives too, and so that's why then they don't want to have sex with their wives as often. So, whose fault is that? 

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A terrible state of affairs (no pun intended). Don't get me started.

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