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This is SO COOL!

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I am learning to play guitar and this is so inspiring. I don't ever expect to be as good as he is (and my voice is beyond awful), but this makes me want to work all the harder. Amazing video.

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This entire song is all done by one guy in the same session? Wouldn't have believed it if not for the video. MIND = BLOWN.

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I've now listened to most of his YouTube channel and it's all incredible. I was so inspired that I made a pledge to his new, upcoming album. I especially like his version of The Beach Boy's I Get Around but, if you want to hear something that's really mind-blowingly sick, check out Somebody That I Used to Know:

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That's insane! ...if it's real ;)

I'm going to have to get a few of these songs, but the videos make a huge difference in the experience.

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