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Very accurate. Take it from a self-proclaimed introvert.

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Looks like the link is dead - try here instead.

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I can definitely relate with this article, especially those with regards to the workplace! Workplace birthdays are the bane of my existence, especially when it's my OWN birthday that becomes the mandatory "bring-a-homemade-cake-in-a-flavor-that-the-birthday-girl-really-dislikes" occasion. 

Another big one is the "we force ourselves to pretend we like you" - I wonder if this relates more to women than to men, since women appear to have higher social pressure to fit in and become part of a female clique in the workplace. But, I digress.

Introverts, unite!

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Workplace birthdays are the bane of my existence

Well, the alternative - to stop having birthdays - does have a negative side too. Just sayin'.

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