Closed eyes waiting

For new signs of light

The window drinks in summer

Bringing warmth to the sheets

Murmurs ascend

From down the stairs

Light in step

Feet descend to join them

Car alarm beeps

Keys rattle and click

Engine revs

Journey begins

The sun follows 'cross town

As we fly down the highway

Shadows from buildings

Form as we approach

Fields of grass

Diamonds of dirt

Canine glee

Shouts of greeting

Teams converge

Places are taken

Scores kept

Natural progression

Red mercury rises

Two digits become three

Sweat hangs from brows

Shaken off in excitement

Winner's celebration

Attending lessons in alcohol

Conversations weave

Moods as high as the sun

Returning exhausted

Skin warm to the touch

Collapsing into bed

Eyelids mimic the sunset

Rumbling thunder

Follows flashes of lightning

Eyes adjust

To the darkness around

Light tapping on glass

Beckons outside

Sliding door clicks

Feet cool on the pavement

Moisture surrounds

Electricity illuminates

A dangerous combination

In other circumstances

Smell of wet dirt

Background crackle of thunder

Cadence of raindrops

Breath exhales as steam

A fitting ending

As the storm slowly passes

A bright new beginning

As the last lightning flashes

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I really really love this. Great work!

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