Since I'm still relatively new to ValME, a suggestion would be to make more of a distinction between private messages in the inbox and what is actually posted/visible on the actual original post. This could be a change of font, font color, or even a different viewer layout. Last night, I wasn't sure if I had received a private message or if it was a post. So that's why I erred on the side of caution and replied as a private message, when it should have actually been a reply to a posted comment.

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Your wish is my command...

  • Added [COMMENT POSTED] in the subject of a PM to indicate the message is a reply to a comment. (If your Settings indicate you want to receive message notifications via email, it will appear in your email subject as well.)
  • Added a Reply to Comment link/button after the comment within your inbox.

Please let me know if that helps.

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Good suggestion. I'll add that to the upgrade queue and let everyone know when it's available.

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*rubs the genie lamp and shakes it until a bitcoin falls out......*

Thank you! This is a great improvement and gives new users such as myself a clearer picture of where our words/replies are being sent to. On the other side of the (bit)coin, did you add [PRIVATE MESSAGE] in the subject of a PM to indicate that it is, indeed, a PM?

The Reply to Comment link/button works perfectly from my inbox. Again, thanks!

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On the other side of the (bit)coin, did you add [PRIVATE MESSAGE] in the subject of a PM to indicate that it is, indeed, a PM?

I didn't as it seemed a bit overkill and redundant because everything that doesn't start with [COMMENT POSTED] would be a PM (or some other private notice).

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