Image of Uhm, did you notice that there's an /alpha in your URL? What's that for?

Uhm, did you know that we're currently only testing the system right now?

You're going to see problems. Sometimes you're going to go to a page and get kicked out because we fiddled with the .htaccess file and your previous browser authentication is kaput. (You'll need to shutdown and restart your browser.) Sometimes you'll see wacky variables and text going across the page as we troubleshoot a problem and look at what the ?!%$&*!@ is in that variable anyway. Sometimes you'll see error messages that make no sense. (If it makes you feel any better, sometimes the technical messages make no sense to us either, and we're geeks.)

So, be prepared. You've been warned. You're in a test environment. Deal with it.

Having said that, it's very exciting. Although our alpha build might still have lots of bugs, we're getting somewhat close to feeling somewhat comfortable launching a somewhat limited beta. (Way to be direct.) But we need to pressure-test the system first. That's why, currently, our alpha test environment is locked from the rest of the Web. The only way you can get here is if you know someone (who knows someone). Besides, we don't want Facebook and Google to shake in their boots just yet. Let them enjoy their top positions for a little bit longer. We know they are eventually going to miss it when we take over the world.

At some point, we'll move into beta, at which time you'll no longer see the /alpha. Apologies if you were put-off.

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/alpha no more. Time to put nervousness aside. We are officially in beta. Let the games begin.

Nervous karma type removed.

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In my Jeep, on the passenger's side above the glove box, there is a grab bar for when things get bumpy. We call it the 'oh shit' bar. Could use one of those right about now.

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In the immortal words of Bill Murray (Stripes): "It is alive."

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...and we're live. All known bugs fixed.

Microsoft publishes Windows 2000 bug list

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