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It’s sometimes lonely to join a social network. It isn’t that you haven’t any friends (well, maybe you don’t) but, rather, you haven’t yet joined any particular community. At valME, we automatically subscribe you to a few default communities. This means that posts to those communities will show on your home page. You can unsubscribe from those communities if you don’t find them valuable. We just wanted you to feel a part of something when you first join.

But getting to be a default community means all new users will initially join your community. That certainly provides a springboard for growth. We don’t yet have all the criteria worked out as to who will be considered a default. Once we do, to be fair to everyone and allow everyone an equal opportunity, we’ll post the exact criteria required. At minimum, we can tell you we will have communities that meet some specific criteria (e.g., public, safe for work, disallow private information, quantity of posts, quantity of upvotes) randomly selected as DFAD - Default For A Day.

In other words, we’ll get back to you. In the meantime, just do what you think is right.

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