Image of Hall of Shame? What is that all about? I’m not a spammer – get me off this list.

Well most unfortunate one, there aren’t just spammers on our “most unfavorite” page. Anyone who had more than two posts or comments flagged and subsequently rejected by moderators within the last 90 days (or those our admins deem worthy such as SEO spammers) will find themselves in the hall. Your name cannot be manually removed, although time will heal the wounds.

Spam, and other undesirable content, is a huge problem on the Web. (Why people get their jollies sending and posting spam is a complete mystery to us, but we acknowledge the spam filtering jobs the behavior creates.) There are different ways to deal with it. We don’t shadow-ban users who often break the rules. We openly publicize them (not to mention take their karma away and award it as a “finder’s fee”). Moderators can also ban a user from posting.

The Hall of Shame is a constant reminder for you to read and follow a community’s rules before you post. You’ve been so advised.

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We’re not entirely sure it’s appropriate to call this the Frequently Asked Questions area as, candidly, we don’t keep track of how often these questions get asked. Consider this community as a place where we post answers to what we anticipate your questions will be. But, if our crystal ball is malfunctioning, feel free to post your question in /GettingStarted/Help. If we turn your question into an FAQ, we’ll credit you back the karma to post it. It’s the least we can do. We also welcome suggestions at /GettingStarted/SuggestionBox.

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