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My favorites:

1. Keep cake moist by just eating the entire thing in one sitting.

2. How to determine if an egg is fresh: do you remember buying the eggs? If you don’t, they probably aren’t fresh.

3. For perfectly cooked burgers every time, go to a restaurant.

5. To store asparagus for up to 2 weeks, first I would suggest you consider how much you actually like asparagus and why you bought so much asparagus 2 weeks before you planned on eating it.

8. If you’re at a bar and need to leave your seat for a moment, always put a coaster over your drink. Having to lift up a coaster will definitely, without a doubt deter anyone who was planning to slip a roofie in your drink.

12. Trouble using chopsticks? Try a fork.

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Number 1 and 3, that's my idea of a hack. LOL.

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