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All humor aside, you have to build yourself up to it. As I mentioned here, I have asthma and yet was still able to train myself to run in multiple marathons. Don't give up.

When I first started, if I remember correctly, it took 6 months just to work myself up to 3 miles (and at a very slow pace). I was trying to run in a popular 5k (~3.5 miles) in Central Park (NY). But I was motivated because running in Central Park is really a great experience. (I think my time in that race was 30 minutes, which I was proud of.) After that, it took many, many more months to get to 5 miles. Then, just getting to 6 was very difficult.

But after I hit 6, getting to 7 wasn't bad. Then 8 didn't take too much extra effort. Getting to 12 was difficult but no longer seemed impossible. And so on... It helps if you are working toward a goal (e.g., running a race in a particular city or place you enjoy).

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