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Whenever I've thought about art during my life, I've considered the development techniques an important part, no matter the area (e.g., painting, writing, photography, sculpture, film). Learning proper techniques helps expand our horizons, increases our creative options, and furthers our personal style. I think those who ignore artistic techniques cannot formally be considered "artists" but, rather, an individual who has the ability to express what he wants in a non-artistic way.

I want to show you some of my painting techniques to support your artistic learning process. I sincerely hope that this video is helpful to you, and especially to beginning artists and children.


Hello. I am here to teach you how to paint a red apple in pastels. So what I'm going to do is that I'm going to paint that... I'm going to draw that and I'm going to record closely all the process so you can see each step and, therefore, you can do the same thing.

So the first thing we have to think about when we paint is the kind of support we are going to use because this determines the result of the piece of art. So, in this case as we are... as we are painting with pastels, we are going to use a specific paper for that technique which has some kind of texture. You can buy that in every art store. Now the color of the paper or of the support is also important because if we, for example, paint a warm figure, a warm object which has warm colors, if the background is also warm, the figure and the background are going to be integrated... would be integrated. So it's better many times to do that. So as we are going to draw a red apple and red is a warm color, I'm going to use some kind of light brown background. This kind of tonality is good to paint something warm... an object with warm colors.

OK, so the materials we are going to use are divided into groups. The first one is... are pastels and we are going to paint the main figure with those. And the colors are dark yellow, red, light yellow, orange, brown, dark blue, and white for the lights. Second group are pastel pencils for the details and also to make the first draft. And the colors are medium brown, dark brown, some kind of beige very similar to white but it's not white, yellow, and some kind of dark red, a little brown, just for details.

So well I hope this video can be useful for you and also especially that you can learn from that because I would be very happy to know that it works. So, well...

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Very cool

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