Child abuse does have a devastating effect on a child's mind, especially over the years. This is actually proven statistically, it's not just me claiming it. Children who have been molested, later on are more prone to drug addiction than the average teenager or adult would be. In addition, they typically become a lot more violent than the average adult.  Such abuse also affects the ideas they have around sex on a negative way as well... So on and so forth. 

When I studied psychology, I learned that often child molestation is a form of psychotic disorder that in most cases develops from a previous sex addiction disorder. Sex addictions (and porn addictions) are a dangerous thing. So much so, that statistics show that most sex offenders (rapists, child molesters) have a history of severe sexual addiction. The way addictions work is that you never get enough of something... your brain always wants more and it leads you to go a step further every time, to get that kick. Most of these child molesters just start having an *obsession* with children. It usually starts by just fantasizing about children, or looking at children lustfully. Seems like an inoffensive thing, right? Well, it isn't. Over time, that obsessive pattern leads the abuser to want more, and it develops over the years until the abuser finally decides to actually engage sexually with a child. How does this happen? I'll explain.

People who are child molesters typically are people that have come to a point where they are actually psychiatrically ill and are extremely dangerous people. These individuals are so deep down into their sexual addiction that they perceive a distortion of reality, and not reality as it is. Their minds have deformed reality so much that they don't care for the consequences of their actions because they live in a fantasy world where it is ok to abuse of children. These individuals don't regard people as living beings anymore but as objects made for their own pleasure. In extreme cases, such forms of sexual and psychiatric disorders may lead to violence and ultimately murder, in order for their brain to "get that kick".

Such people should NOT be going out there freely because they are a hazard. They should either be monitored by a psychiatrist (taking strong meds), or in jail. I mean it. There is not a third option for these people. Not to mention that engaging sexually with a child is an absolute abuse of the child's rights because that kid cannot properly distinguish right from wrong. The child's brain is in no way developed as an adult's and cannot give consent as an adult would. Some people argue that there are some grey areas in the matter, but I don't think there are. For instance, if the child is sleeping, does that mean it is ok for others to sexually abuse them? To me, the answer is a clear no. Even if someone is unconscious, the abuser still would not have consent to do anything to that child. And, physically engaging with someone without their consent IS abuse.

It's a pity that there are still so many pedophiles out there walking around freely. That older boy did deserve that beating and what comes ahead... like I said, people like that are not victims and cannot be regarded as such, because they are the crazy assholes that ruin everybody else's lives and they don't care. They have rotten hearts and rotten minds.

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That older boy did deserve that beating...

Or, alternatively, he needs (as you said) psychiatric help and to be kept away from others.

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Well, now he is going to be in jail and the own criminals there are going to treat him like shit. He will have some time to think about what he's done. However, most people who are sexual predators that have come to that point don't typically change unless it's through some psychiatric treatment. And still, they have trouble for the rest of their lives. But, who knows, perhaps the beating ups in jail will open his eyes, this kid is still young. I think he's 18.... what a way of ruining one's life! 

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