tightened laces

    shoes perfectly fitting the form of his feet

hood up

    protection from the harsh weather that awaits

presses play

    the song that's been on repeat for days

first step

    moving at a fast pace away from "home"

long strides

    carry him and his troubles down the street

green and white

    grass and snow fighting for superiority over the ground

deep breath

    filling his lungs with frosty air

quick exhale

    takes shape as a steaming cloud ahead

passes through

    the cloud, the neighborhood, life

pitter patter

    the sound and feel of his feet against the pavement

each step

    another yard further from what he left behind

eyes straight

    set on a point in the distance far ahead

a goal

    that will be reached weary or strong

push on

    keep the pace and continue until the end

in and out

    each breath synchronized with each step

burning chest

    one more obstacle to overcome on the way

she's gone

    another past love to remember


    two weeks too late to make a difference

passed up

    and now it's his turn to run

faster now

    like speed and distance can solve it all

left, right

    a chant in his head to keep him from thinking of her

but why?

    the start of the same topic again

last stretch

    his body hesitates but his feet continue

full circle

    back to her, back to "home"

miles ran

    but still no closer to finding the answer

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