Image of My New Year's resolution is to become organized. How do I move image files to a new directory/folder?

Admittedly, it's a bit confusing. Our development environment consists of an Apple II+ (a great box, BTW), a dusty IBM PC XT that's running MS-DOS (our pre-alpha test environment), and a box we built running Windows 3.0 (for nostalgia purposes of course - we wouldn't dare use it for real work). As such, our UI is a bit... alternative. (These are the things you do when you bootstrap a company.)

But enough chatting. Let's say you want to keep your image upload organized by community. If you right-click on the images directory, you can create a new subfolder, let's call it gettingstarted. (You could then even create another subfolder within gettingstarted called faq. However, we're not that organized. You should see our desks.) Now you'd like to move the image file a_hansom_picture_of_me.png from your root directory (images) to /gettingstarted/faq. To do that, right-click on your image file and choose Add to Clipboard. Now right-click on the /gettingstarted/faq directory and choose Move 1 files. (Sorry about the extra "s." Needless to say, we can accommodate moving multiple files at once, but aren't very good when it comes to proper grammar.)

If all went well, your file moved. If all didn't go well...

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