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I was given the following advice:

  • Get them from a trusted resource who is willing to give you a sample, or take a sample in front of you.
  • Do them at home.
  • Prepare your home to be as relaxing as possible.
  • Take half of what the dealer recommends.
  • Relax.
  • Have fun.

Good stories and "important safety tips. Thanks Egon." devil

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One of the things I find fascinating about your article is that you seem to remember so clearly what happened. Alcohol tends to make us forget but drugs help you remember as hallucinations are so vivid. Does that happen in all cases when using drugs? Are memories always retained like that?

Do "bad trips" only come from mushrooms or from other drugs as well? I can't even fathom what it would be like to hallucinate that I was a glass of lemonade and truly wonder what long-term physical and psychological damage could come from such an experience. Nonetheless, just trying to imagine what the feeling would be like is incredible and gives me goose bumps.

"freak out ball?" ROFL. Thank goodness for locked hotel windows and your boyfriend. So the "bad trip" in Vegas was because you took too much relative to your body weight? How do you determine what the correct amount is?

To get a hug that "feels like home..." makes me so envious.

BTW, why were you so rude and offensive to the spirit guide anyway? Didn't anyone ever teach you manners?

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Weed does not make me remember more clearly, so I believe it's only hallucinogens? I've also tried Crystal Meth in my past and I did lots of stuff on that I don't remember. I would think that if something that beautiful or tragic happened to you without drugs you would remember it, so maybe it's more the significance of the event rather than the actual drugs.

I've heard of people having bad trips from weed, mushrooms and acid. I'm sure all drugs come with a price, however I've never heard someone say they had a bad trip on MDMA. I have not researched that though, just going from personal experience and what my friends have said.

I don't know what to attribute the bad trip to but I do think it had a lot to do with taking so much. There is no way that I'm aware of to determine the proper amount.

MDMA is an amazing experience and hugs do feel like home while you are on it. Everything falls into place and you see that you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be in the world.

The spirit guide should have said hello instead of scaring the shit out of us. LOL.

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I really enjoyed reading your article. Thanks for sharing your experience. The only drugs I've ever taken are alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana. Honestly, your article just made me realize even more of how dangerous drugs can be! Your second mushroom experience was absolutely terrifying.

I find it interesting when multiple people see the same thing while taking drugs. It seems like it's a pretty common thing.  why do you think that is? Why would different people see the exact same thing?

Do you have other stories to tell about other things you've seen while taking drugs? 

That sure was fun to read. Thank you! :)

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You are welcome Clarisse!

If you would like my opinion on why people see the same thing I would say I don't believe any one thing. Here are the ideas I had while high:

1) Our brains are capable of so much more than what we know and maybe brain waves are transferable or on a wavelength that other people can pickup.

2) Just as there are infrared waves and things that exist but we cannot see, there may be another dimension (for lack of better word) that we are suddenly able when our brains are opened by drugs.

Here is what I think while I'm sober:

A brain on drugs is easily influenced and something suggested by the person you are with may in fact alter what you are seeing. Say we were seeing a shooting star and she said "it's getting closer" and I then saw that. Afterwards, I say it turned around and flew off and she says she saw that too. Who is to say what she really saw? Then I believe we saw the same thing and it seems even more magical. We can all change our memories around to suit us, so it could happen with drug experiences as well.

I have seen other things while on Acid. But I only took mushrooms those two times, and X the one time. I tried to take X another time and think it was speed. I trusted a friend and shouldn't have. It was in the powder form and placed into a capsule with no testing. Stupid now that I look back.

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These are 3 interesting takes on it (RE: about different people seeing the same thing while on drugs)

So, I'm curious. How does an ordinary person find drug dealers or other people who'd sell you drugs? I mean, it's not like you can just Google it, right? I have no intention of buying drugs, but I've always been interested to know how other people get them so easily.I would imagine that if you use the internet to get them you could easily be tracked by the police...

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Step 1: TattooedWanderer gets Clarisse88 "curious."

Step 2: To be determined

Step 3: It's all downhill from here. :)

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You ask someone who looks like a drug dealer if they know anyone who can get shrooms. LOL. No good way of going about this Clarisse hahaha. I do NOT use the internet. Everyone knows someone who smokes weed, and their dealer will know where to get other drugs, sure as day.

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So, I'm curious. How does an ordinary person find drug dealers or other people who'd sell you drugs? I mean, it's not like you can just Google it, right?

Actually, it is as simple as Googling it. It's called the Darknet or Deep Web and it's easy to access. This is the marketplace for black market sites like Silk Road. The sites typically use Bitcoin for anonymous transactions.

Not that I have any personal experience. Just what I've heard. wink

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