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Thanks for posting that! I really enjoyed the colors of the painting. Which other forms of art do you do? you seem like a really talented person! 

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Thank you, it's just a hobby for me and this was the most recent so it's the one I chose to post. I wish I could paint as well as you! I've recently started painting on glass... we will see how that turns out =) I write poems mostly, I have the outline to a book started but haven't done anything on that for a few years. I enjoy photography but it is mostly for pleasure, although I've done a few shoots for engagement announcements and family/pet portraits. I recently made my son's Halloween costume.. he wanted to be a bobcat skid steer. That was fun, lol. I just enjoy creating things in general. I look forward to seeing more of your posts!!

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hahabobcat skid steer costume, that's funny. I'd love to see that. Btw, what type of paint do you use on the glass?

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I use acrylics on the glass... and if I can find a way to message you I'll send you a pic of the costume =)

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