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Dude OMG. u so shdnt b here. Idk wut ure thkn.

Obviously, if you’re asking the question, you’re already skating on thin ice, don’t you think? We’ll start off with the obvious: our user agreement specifically states you must be at least 13 years old to be here. Although, if you’re under 13 and you can understand everything that’s written in our user agreement, we might want to hire you even if you’re not old enough to use the site. We certainly acknowledge that we've met teenagers who are way smarter and have more common sense than many adults we know.

Of course, we can’t verify your age, and we think those sites that have you enter your age before you can move forward are pretty silly. (Clearly, that's some dopey lawyer pushing those lame functionality decisions. Yeah, like you're really going to enter your true age. Pfft.) Thus, we have to rely on your honor and good judgment. And we also hope you have better judgment than we did at 13. There is a good amount of content here that we consider appropriate for an adult (over 18) audience. There is also content that, candidly, we question if even adults should view.

We’re not your parents and we don’t intend to act like them (which may mean you like us better – HIGH FIVE!). If you’re under 18, we suggest you ask them. If they say no, perhaps you can negotiate only viewing content in certain communities that are age-appropriate (which you can easily setup via subscribe). Otherwise, our recommendation is to respect your parent's decision. (What?! No high five?)

Having said that, we are very much considering creating a valME specifically for teens. Admittedly, we’re kind of stuck on a name (valmeforteens.io just doesn’t have a very good ring to it). Have any ideas? /gettingstarted/suggestionbox.

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